Reasons to Consider Window Replacements For Your Home

Window Replacements Does it feel like you’re paying entirely too much every month in heating and cooling costs? It could be because of the windows in your home. If your windows are on the older side, they might be allowing too much air to enter and exit your house throughout the course of a day, which can, in turn, cause your energy costs to skyrocket. By replacing your older windows with newer windows, you can prevent this problem and save a lot of money in the long run. Check out some of the other benefits that come along with replacing your home’s windows.

More Comfort

Old leaky windows won’t just cause your energy bills to go up. They will also make your home a lot less comfortable. When cold air is allowed to come into your home in the winter, it can make it feel very chilly. When cold air is allowed to escape in the summer, it can make it feel very stuffy and warm. In both instances, your windows will be making your home less comfortable than it should be. Replacing them can change this immediately.

Better Views

If you wish that your home could get more natural light throughout the course of a day, installing replacement windows might be your answer. Many newer windows are specifically designed to allow more light into homes while cutting down on the unwanted heat gain that often accompanies that light. Some older windows are also difficult to see out of because of their age, so by installing new ones, you will give yourself substantially better views when you look out for them.

Fade Reduction

You might not realize it, but your older windows could be causing your home’s carpeting and furnishings to fade. Many older windows allow the sun’s UV rays to enter your home, and those UV rays can do real damage to anything that they touch. Newer windows are better at blocking UV rays than older ones and will prevent fading from taking place.

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The Benefits of a Finished Basement

Finished Basement If you have an unfinished basement in your home, you could really benefit from finishing it off. It will give you and your family more space, and in some cases, it could dramatically increase the square footage of your home. You could use the extra space to add additional bedrooms to your home, set up a large play area for your kids, or even turn it into an income property that could help pay your mortgage every month. There are other benefits to having a finished basement, too. Here are just a few of them.

It will allow you to utilize the rest of your home more efficiently.

When you move your kids’ play area or your husband’s man cave to the basement, it will free up space in the rest of your home right away. Not only will you gain all of the extra square footage that comes along with a basement, but you will also regain all of the space in your main living quarters and get to rethink the way your entire home functions.

It will increase the value of your home.

Increasing the square footage of your home will just about always increase the value of it. In addition, when you finish off a basement, you will see a big jump in both the total square footage and the overall value of your property. Finishing off an unfinished basement is a great way to make your home more valuable, and if you ever decide to sell your home, your finished basement will be a very attractive feature to potential buyers.

It will make your home more energy efficient.

Most unfinished basements aren’t insulated properly, so they allow air from outside to enter your home and wreak havoc on your HVAC system. When you finish your basement, you will obviously need to address this issue, and by insulating your basement the right way, you will reap the benefits in the form of lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

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Tips for Selecting a Home Contractor

Home ContractorHiring a home contractor to complete a project on your house can be stressful. There are so many different home contractors who would be more than happy to tackle a project for you, but which one will give you the best deal and make sure the job gets done right? Before you jump headfirst into the pool of home contractors in your area, you should spend some time thinking about who would be the best choice. Here are some tips that will make selecting a home contractor easier.

Ask your family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations.

One of the best ways to find a home contractor is by asking those you know for recommendations. If you know someone who has had work done on their home recently, ask them what their experience was like and if they would recommend their contractor to you. This will allow you to get a better sense of what a contractor is like before you bring them into your home for the first time.

Find reviews on potential candidates.

If you don’t know anyone who can recommend home contractors to you, you can also scour the internet for home contractor reviews. This will take a little bit of effort on your part, but you should be able to find plenty of reviews from the last year or so. You can use these reviews to narrow down your search and to find candidates that you might not otherwise find.

Resist the urge to base your entire decision on price.

Price is obviously going to be a factor when it comes to picking out a home contractor. You want to hire a home contractor who fits into your budget. Nevertheless, you don’t want to pick someone based solely on price, because that person could very well be the type of contractor who will cut corners and do a shoddy job. You want someone who will give you a fair price while also delivering quality work.

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Understanding Energy Efficiency Terms

Here at Merle Builders, we know the words used to describe energy-efficient homes can be very confusing to home owners. Here are some simple definitions to help you understand some of the energy saving options for your home.


Energy-Efficient Home

An energy efficient is a house that uses less energy than a traditional home without reducing the functionality of the house.

You can make your home more efficient through things such as closing gaps in the thermal envelope (the ‘skin’ around your home), building with solar generated electricity in mind (whether it be solar panels or facing the house to make best use of daylight), low-e windows and, new energy efficient appliances.

To achieve energy efficiency in your home you will reduce or eliminate services and/or energy usage to save energy.

Living in the Central New York/Syracuse/Baldwinsville area it is important to know how your home stacks up. Learn how efficient your home is currently and ways to improve your home’s efficiency with ENERGY STAR’s Home Energy Yardstick .


Net Zero-Energy Home

A home in which energy production and consumption are equivalent.

This simply means  that the amount of energy you produce in the home equals the amount of energy you use in the home. Solar panels are perhaps the most common way for homes to produce energy.


Net Positive-Energy Home

A home that produces more energy than the household needs.

It may be possible for a home owner to receive credit from their utility company for returning the excess energy they have produced in their home to the grid. Contact your local utility company to learn more about this possibility.


For information in planning your Energy Efficiency upgrades please feel free to contact us today!

Luxury Townhome Vs. Luxury Country-Style Home

Luxury Townhome Vs. Luxury Country-Style HomeWhen you move, you’re faced with numerous decisions.

Should I rebuild an older home or build new?

Luxury Townhouse Or Single Luxury Country-Style Home?

If you find yourself going back and forth with these questions, you aren’t alone.

Here are the facts about townhomes and country homes to help you make your decision.

A Matter Of Preference

When it comes to a single Luxury country-style home that is all yours, you own everything from the building to the land.

You are also able to create some privacy for yourself, but that’s at your discretion.

Along with that, you will be able to build your home any way you choose.

The catch is every repair or necessary maintenance falls solely on you.

But that’s something that is universal, as any time you choose to build a new home, you will have freedom, but all responsibility falls on you.

In the case of a constructing a luxury townhome, things are a little more uniform.

It’s quite possible that if you construct a townhome, that it will have to be built very close to all of the other townhomes if you live in a complex.

In addition to that, there more rules you will need to oblige to.

That’s because the gated communities are typically run by a Homeowners Association.

They make every rule for the area including the colors of the home and what size your pet can be.

So if you want to build a new townhome, it might have to look in uniform just like everyone else’s.

There’re no real downsides to either, as building yourself a new home can be quite stress relieving from the opposite, which might be repairing an older home that is falling apart.

Merle Builders specializes in building custom luxury homes and townhomes.

We design and construct each house according to your lifestyle to give you the luxury home you have always dreamed of.

For more information on our services, please feel free to contact us today!

Patio Home Necessities

Patio Home NecessitiesBuilding a new home is a very exciting process, especially if it’s a patio home.

But if you haven’t built one before, chances are you might not be sure what you need to include.

Now you may know to have it include things like a kitchen or bathroom, but there are a few amenities and renovations you may want to consider adding before you lay the first brick.

Make Sure You Have A View

To many, our bedroom is our domain.

If that’s how you feel, then it’s important to give it a great view.

Whether that is a massive window or a sliding door, make sure that the master bedroom has the best view in the house.

Or if you want a great view no matter where you are, you could have tall windows installed all along the home.

That way, no matter where you are, you can take in the beautiful view in front of you.

Now if the outdoors suits you better, it would be a good idea to have a concrete patio put in.

That way, regardless of the time of day, you would be able to step outside and enjoy the view.

It would also be very valuable if you were to have neighbors, friends or family over.

Merle Builders specializes in building custom homes according to your exact needs.

We will work with you every step of the way to help create your new home just as you’ve envisioned it.

If you would like more information on our services, please contact us today!

Renovate Your Home For Curb Appeal

Renovate Your Home For Curb AppealPeople watching, we all do it whether we admit it or not.

Most of us are conscious of people watching but are we aware that we are just as likely to “house watch”?

Whether driving down a street or walking the neighborhood we observe the “curb appeal” of the homes we pass and pick out what we do and do not like, sometimes we take the ideas we get from admiring others’ homes and we apply them to our own.

To many homeowners, the outside appearance of a home is just as important as the inside.

Hours are spent each week mowing the lawn in perfect lines, weeding the flower beds and sprucing up the landscaping.

Structural renovations to the outside often include siding, shutters, a new garage door, the possibilities are endless.

One project that is sure to change the look and heighten the curb appeal of your home is adding pillars to the front porch.

Columns not only help define the style of your home but also make your porch more inviting.

There are many things to consider when you change the structure of a porch, make sure before you start planning anything you check with the local building department to ensure you are following all building and structural codes.

Careful consideration needs to be given to the location, size and a number of posts and/or columns your porch needs.

Matching your columns to your porch’s architectural style can dramatically improve your overall curb appeal.

Not only are columns and posts aesthetically pleasing but they can also provide privacy, creating an inviting outdoor room to relax and drink your morning cup of coffee, enjoy company or dive into a book.

At Merle Builders, our expert staff is able to assist with everything from obtaining a building permit, assuring codes are met, drawing up plans, finding materials and doing the work.

Contact us today to discuss your latest project idea.

Reinvest In Your Home With A New Roof

Reinvest In Your Home With A New RoofAny home improvement job brings on an instant headache and questions of “is it really worth all the time, stress and money?”

Depending on the project the answer could range but if you’re looking into a new roof then the answer is most likely a “yes”.

If your current roof is in rough shape the amount of potential damage from a leak is insurmountable. Leaks can lead to water damage, mold and mildew. The cost to repair and replace attic support beams, ceilings and drywall could easily become more expensive than if you had replaced the roof in the first place.


Reportedly, a new roof can add between 15 and 40 percent to the value of your home which means a $100,000.00 home can easily become a $140,000.00 with a new and modern style roof. Depending on the style you chose for your new roof, from traditional to tin to solar, the more you will pay initially but the payout can be worth it in the long run.


When selling your home the roof situation can be a deal breaker if it is in need of repair or replacement especially if the buyer is looking to use a government-backed loans such as FHA and VA loans. Curb appeal is another advantage but advertising the energy efficient feature a new roof brings and you’ve got a winner.

At Merle Builders, located in Syracuse, NY, we use only top-quality roofing materials. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you accomplish giving you the roof you desire.

Hire A Professional For Your Home’s Renovations

Hire A Professional For Your Home’s RenovationsThere are a lot of “Do It Yourselfers” out there who are up for taking on most projects with a do or die attitude, and then there are those of us who need some outside help when it comes to home renovation projects; big or small.

Unless you designed your home, there is always something about your house that you would like to change or add. Your project list could be endless, from replacing the tile in the bathroom to a complete kitchen overhaul. Before jumping in head first on a home renovation project, there are plenty of things to think about and plan for – from your budget to the level of difficulty.

Why Hire A Professional

Unless you are a contractor, there is a good chance you will need some professional advice at some point, plus there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself if you plan to do any of the work on your own.


How motivated are you to see the entire project through from start to finish without giving up?

Plenty of people start a project and then months, even years, later there is still some unfinished business. Are you going to look back later and think to yourself, if you just hired a professional this renovation would all the done and over with? Probably…


Labor costs are always a concern. We think that not only can we find a better deal on supplies and fixtures, but sometimes we watch a YouTube video and instantly think “Oh I can do that!” While that is the feeling at the start of the renovation process, there are plenty of times when you create more work and spend more money on unseen variables, putting your project cost up there with the amount you would have spent on a pro.

At Merle Builders, we treat your projects like our project with respect and dedication.

Contact us today and we will gladly answer any questions you may have and we will guide you through the process of designing a space that fits your lifestyle, choosing the materials and making sure the project stays on time and on budget.

The Resale Importance Of Remodeling Your Backyard Deck

The Resale Importance Of Remodeling Your Backyard Deck

The term “stay-cation” became popular in the early 2000’s, each year more and more families were choosing to use their vacation money to stay home, update and remodel.

New television stations, like the DIY Network and HGTV, started cranking out reality shows starring homeowners and designers. These home designing stars would then be working together with the homeowner to create more out of their “home spaces.”

One of the most popular renovations includes outdoor spaces.

What better way to spend a cool Syracuse summer nights, then grilling dinner on your newly designed and renovated deck?


A wooden deck addition/renovation places fifth on a list of the most popular remodeling projects that keep value in 2015 remodels and better yet can produce an 80% return on your investment when selling your home.

One of the most sought after features for a home buyer today is a deck, many have it on their “must have” lists. But like any remodel unless you work in construction, the first question is “Where do I begin?”

This is where Merle Builders is able to assist from ideas and blueprints, obtaining building permits and even providing onsite management.

At Merle Builders, we treat your project like our project with respect and dedication.

If you live in Syracuse, NY or the surrounding areas, contact us today and we will gladly answer any questions you may have and we will guide you through the process of designing a space that fits your lifestyle, choosing the materials and making sure the project stays on time and on budget.